Communications satellite “TurkmenAlem52°E” started the broadcasting of programs of the national television and radio channels. From this day, the users of television content are able to use its services, having directed their antennas to 52 degrees of eastern longitude, where Turkmen satellite has been located in orbit in one point of firmament, in more than 35 thousand kilometers over surface of the planet.


Broadcasting of national channels from satellite covers wide territory – nearly whole Europe, north of Africa and considerable part of Asia. One billion 200 million people live on this territory, and all of them are our prospective audience.


Transmission is realized in the format of high definition in vertical polarization with flow rate of 27 500 symbols in second. Television channels “Altyn Asyr: Turkmenistan”, “Yashlyk”, “Miras”, “Turkmenistan” and four radio programs are broadcasted from turndown with definition in 12264 MHz, and television channels about life of capital – “Ashgabat, musical – “Turkmen owazy” and sport – “Turkmenistan sport” – with definition in 12 303 MHz.


FEC – the degree of redundant information wherefrom it is realized the transmission comes to 2/3 that allows providing its high quality even in unfavorable conditions.


Having started the transmission of Turkmen television channels, satellite “TurkmenAlem52°E” provides the needs of our country in delivery to users of national television continent. Moreover, this fact gives signal to our partners about possibilities, prospects of commercial exploitation of satellite. It is the invitation for them to cooperate. It is preserved the broadcasting of national television programs by satellite channels used before launching of “TurkmenAlem52°E” that also contributes to the cover of audience.


Possibilities of satellite on transmission of programs considerably increase the needs of national television and radio. In future, from its transponders it will be started the broadcasting of wide spectrum of television and radio continent from international producers and customers. With a view of use of possibilities of the satellite in commercial purposes, rendering of relevant services, it was created the close corporation “Turkmen hemrasy”.


Satellite is capable to render a packet of communication services, including digital television and radio broadcasting, telephony, video conferencing, data transfer, Satellite Internet, creation of VSAT nets (Very Small Aperture Terminal).


In May 2011, it was founded National Cosmic Agency at the President of Turkmenistan. “TurkmenAlem52°E” was launched in near-earth orbit on April 28, 2015. To the order of Turkmenistan, it was created by the French Company “Thales Alenia Space”. Satellite was put by the French specialists in western point on geostationary orbit and after all essential tests, at the beginning of June, was passed to the Turkmen party to manage. The French Company also provided the training of national specialists.


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