Having successfully passed the testing of systems, the satellite “TurkmenAlem52°E” was accepted by national specialists for management. The representatives of foreign companies, which participated in creation of the first Turkmen satellite, partners of our country in its exploitation in orbit told about success of grandiose project and prospects of cooperation.


Giy Burel, managing director of program of the National communications satellite of Turkmenistan, “Thales Alenia Space” Company:


- I would like to emphasize professionalism, purposefulness and high motivation of our Turkmen colleagues, who mastered the art of management of such complicated object as orbital satellite. In the course of realization of project, we closely cooperated with staff of the National Cosmic Agency at the President of Turkmenistan and Ministry of Communication of your country. It was trained a group of specialists. Most of them had long in-depth training in Cannes. Today, they demonstrate excellent professional skills in Satellite Managing Center.


We are proud that our knowledge, experience  and technologies turned out demanded, complicity to the creation of national cosmic sector of your country. It was realized a large project owing to which Turkmenistan became the owner of super modern telecommunication satellite. Its possibilities include the transmission of television signal as well as internet data on principle “point-to-point”, providing reliable communication with remote facilities and their management.



I hope for continuation of this fruitful cooperation. For its realization, we are ready to offer our leading designs as well as start a series of new projects on expansion orbit group of your country. All the more as we see, the intentions of Turkmenistan in this direction are serious.


- It was realized a scale, “status” project, which will become the initial platform for Turkmenistan in cosmic sector, attach powerful impetus to further development of telecommunication nets in one of the most populated regions of our planet. In the newest epoch, Turkmenistan got wonderful opportunity to transmit its television channels in high resolution on wide territory. Owing to it, more and more people in the world will know about possibilities and prospects of your country.


I believe that realization of such large project, launching into orbit and exploitation of the newest and very functional satellite will contribute to sustainable development of the region, strengthening of mutually beneficial partnership. Undoubtedly, new satellite will change the picture of world telecommunication business both in the sphere of transmission of television channels and in data transfer by Internet.


Our company “SSI” – satellite operator of Monaco, and on its behalf, I express to the Turkmen party deep gratitude for efficient joint work, fruitful partnership, providing for our countries qualitatively new possibilities in telecommunication sphere.


I am very glad to be in your hospitable country – this land is of particular significance for me personally, because, it is my historical Motherland.


Oleg Vinokurov,

photo by Suleiman Chariyev








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