President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited the Satellite Control Centre of Turkmenistan located in Ahal Velayat.


In May 2011, the President signed the Decree on the Establishment of the National Space Agency under the President of Turkmenistan. The first national artificial satellite of Turkmenistan will be launched into outer space in the first half of 2015.


The National Space Agency will be responsible for establishing satellite communication, monitoring outer space and managing the operation of the artificial satellite from the territory of Turkmenistan.


The Satellite Control Centre located in Ahal Velayat will follow Turkmenistan’s communications satellite, after it is placed in orbit.


The Chairperson of Mejlis, the Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers and the high-ranking military and law enforcement officials greeted the Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at the Satellite Control Centre.


A technician in the central control room told the Turkmen leader about the principles of operation of the Centre. The national communications satellite TurkmenAlem 52°E will be placed in geostationary orbit at a height of about 36,000 kilometres from the Earth's surface. The artificial satellite will complete one orbit around the Earth every 24 hours, which is the rotation period of the Earth. Satellite-borne radio equipment can receive and amplify the signals of ground radio stations and relay them to other ground radio stations.


The national satellite will be used to broadcast Turkmen television and radio channels. High satellite channel capacity will make it possible to broadcast dozens of television channels, both standard and high-definition.


The operational capabilities of the communications satellite will allow using it to transmit data between ground stations located at a distance of over several thousand kilometres from one another, provide high-speed Internet services, distance education services, telemedicine services, conduct videoconferences and render other types of communication services.


Talking to specialists of the Satellite Control Centre, the Turkmen leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov asked about the specificities of the ground control satellite systems. It was also noted that great attention was paid to the training of highly qualified specialists for Turkmenistan's space industry. Specialists of the Satellite Control Centre, including graduates of the Institute of Transport and Communication and  Magtymguly State University and the Space Agency experts who graduated from foreign universities - physicists, mathematicians, mechanics, telecommunications workers, aviators and programmers, attended simulation training courses at the enterprises and centres in foreign countries. Under the contract, the technical staff and operators, who will follow a satellite and control the parameters of the space orbiter from ground tracking stations, were trained.


The President visited the offices and conference hall located on the second floor of the National Satellite Control Centre.


The President of Turkmenistan said that the use of the satellite would give impetus to render high-speed Internet services throughout the country and enable digital and high definition broadcasting. The satellite that will cover even remote villages will be an important segment, creating the innovative communication and control systems. Moreover, satellite communications will contribute to promoting and improving space research activities in Turkmenistan as well as enhancing the international prestige of the country.


The President provided some suggestions and recommendations to the high-ranking officials. Wishing every success in their work, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov bade farewell to those present and left the venue.


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